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Sometimes less really is more

Inexpensive packaging and display solutions needn’t be inferior. High volume, basic designs can be produced affordably while also serving to be remarkably beautiful and of high quality.

We’ll work with you to get most out of your budget, creating simple yet highly distinctive and stylish items.

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Packaging’s top performer

Inexpensive, lightweight and durable, plastics can readily be moulded into a variety of packaging and other solutions. It lends itself to easy integration with other materials and can be formed into different shapes and sizes.

We’ll help you devise plastic solutions that meet your high volume needs.

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Open the door to enhanced design

Integrating a variety of materials into packaging and display solutions can have wonderful results. However, the process has its challenges. But here is where our full capability comes in.

To achieve aesthetically pleasing results, we fully leverage our in-depth materials knowledge, sourcing relationships and project management expertise.

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Make an unforgettable statement

By combining superior design with premium materials—lacquered woods, metal detailing and a variety of ornamental elements—your packaging and displays serve to uniquely showcase your product.

In fact, your product is our product. That is to say, we relish the opportunity to partner with you to fashion tailor made works of art.

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Dare to innovate, dare to impress

Where many talk “innovation,” few actually take the steps to achieve it. Innovation calls for a willingness to see in new ways, to push the boundaries in pursuit of great results.

Working together, we’ll think “out of the box” and pursue a singular packaging and display solution that is unmatched in its grandeur.

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We understand luxury

At Swisspack, we combine the art and science that defines luxury. Our packaging solutions are created with deep consideration of purpose and meticulous attention to detail.

Swisspack’s team of project managers, designers and engineers ensure each project is handled with the utmost consideration, including all dimensions important to the manufacturing of your product.

This is our promise to you.



Swisspack provides comprehensive packaging, display and other custom fixture solutions of unequalled quality. From initial design exploration (including 3D rendering) to production and worldwide delivery, we expertly execute your needs from start-to-finish.
technical-drawing Technical developments prototypes Production of prototypes
industrial-partner Manufacturing quality-control Rigorous quality control
As a service provider, we are committed to the highest standards of business. This includes stable production, compliance to quality control specifications, elimination of waste and a pledge of full transparency in all our business activities.
Swisspack additionally provides all customers with dedicated after-sales service. What’s more, for those with product storage needs, our professionals can further assist you.


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